Parent Student Teacher Interviews

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Our purpose is to deliver

Excellence in education and training pathways for all students

Our purpose is to deliver

Independent and adaptable learners who are socially responsible global citizens

Welcome to Mildura Senior College

At Mildura Senior College our purpose is to deliver:

  • Access to a rich and broad senior curriculum.
  • Excellence in education and training pathways for all students.
  • Independent and adaptable learners who are socially responsible global citizens.

To achieve this, the College will always strive to ensure:

  • All students achieve success in their chosen pathways.
  • The existence of mutual respect within the College.
  • The development of a reflective learning community committed to continuous improvement in student outcomes.
  • That students develop independence, resilience and social responsibility.

Mildura Senior College is a unique setting providing an outstanding opportunity for young adults to access extensive pathways within a young adult learning environment. Educating young adults for a productive and rewarding future is a three way responsibility shared by parents, students and the College. With all three parties contributing and cooperating, success in regard to this goal will be maximised. There is in some circles a feeling that parent involvement in their children’s education tapers off when they reach the senior years of secondary education, but our experience is that behind successful students there are usually encouraging and supportive parents. As a consequence we would urge all parents to be involved in their son or daughter’s senior years.

Mildura Senior College is committed to providing successful academic and vocational pathways for all senior students. Our outcomes in these areas and the associated programs of the performing arts, sport and other extra-curricular activities are consistently outstanding.

Please call on the administration and staff at Mildura Senior College if you have any questions, and again, we welcome you to our vibrant learning community.

Belinda Hudak
Acting Principal